About Us

Why Join EPCOH

The Estate Planners’ Council of Halton (EPCOH) began in 1999 as The Estate Planners’ Council of Oakville.  We have since expanded our membership to professionals who are committed to expanding their expertise in estate planning and who live or work in Halton Region.

As an association of professionals, EPCOH promotes the discussion of current topics relevant in matters of estate and administration planning. Our purpose is primarily educational. Through the exchange of ideas and information, our goal is to consistently improve our member’s ability to assist clients in achieving their estate planning goals.

By joining EPCOH, you are entitled to attend our monthly scheduled dinner meetings, and the annual general meeting dinner. Our dinner meeting format promotes the sharing of information and interdisciplinary discussions on topics pertinent to matters of estate and tax planning.  At each event, time is set aside to promote networking and interaction across traditional professional boundaries. Presentations on estate and tax planning issues are given at each meeting by our own membership or guest speakers invited from outside our community who are recognized leaders in their fields.

 Our membership includes professionals from the following areas:

  • Estate Accountants
  • Estate Lawyers
  • Financial Planners / Insurance Advisors / Investment Advisors
  • Estate Professionals

These professionals specialize in matters such as:

  • Tax planning for investment and retirement income;
  • Meeting personal and financial goals from the estate;
  • Reducing the tax impact at death on family, business partners and heirs.

Who can apply for Membership?

The nomination process is designed to assist the Executive Committee in assessing the qualifications of proposed members to ensure that all members of EPCOH meet the highest standards. The Executive is responsible to review each application for membership to ensure that the nominee meets the membership requirements:

1. Members shall belong to at least one of the member categories noted above:

2. Members must:

  • Have at least 5 years of full-time business experience in estate planning*
  • Hold a professional designation such as, but not limited to, CFA, CFP, CLU, PFP, RFP, CAIB, CIP, CPA, LLB, JD, CEA or combination of these.
  • Be a member of good standing within their professional association.
  • Participate actively at meetings of the Council and be willing and able to contribute by virtue of their technical knowledge, experience, and personality; and
  • Adult persons that live and/or be practicing in the Region of Halton business community.

*If you cannot meet the criteria of at least five years of full-time business experience, you may apply as a non-voting member provided that you have the specific knowledge, experience and interest in contributing towards the advancement and development of the objects of the Council.


If you are interested in applying to EPCOH, DOWNLOAD  the Membership Form.