Ian Jay, PFP, Ch.F.C, CPA, CA, CGA, CMA, LLB

Estate Professional

Our company has 14 years experience, of which I have 7 years of experience, supporting High Net Worth and Ultra High Networth client’s planning for all areas of their lives.  We do not do any investing or have any assets under management. Our focus is on the auxiliary services of a multi-family office including Family administration, communications, and project management.

Our company deals with estate professionals, supporting clients with the administrative requirements and communications associated with completing and/or updating property and health consideration for wills, trusts and estates. For selective clients we can hold positions of POAs, Executors, Trustees, or act as agents to those in these roles.

We are a virtual multi-family office as we go to our clients, so they do not have to come to us. We have multiple families and clients within Halton and the surrounding area. We are in our client’s homes regarding family affairs once, twice a month or weekly, depending on the client’s needs.