Nicholas Meyer, TEP, CEA

Estate Professional

Nicholas Meyer is an exceptionally qualified trust and estate practitioner, as well as a family office specialist, with an extensive and unique international background. He is a Swiss qualified lawyer and boasts an impressive array of qualifications, including being a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA).

With over 23 years of extensive experience in the trust industry, including running a trust company abroad, and in the family office area,Nicholas brings a wealth of unique insights and perspectives to the table. What truly sets Nicholas apart is, amongst others, his proficiency in addressing cross-border complexities, especially within the realms of estate planning and administration, encompassing both common law and civil law jurisdictions.

Having worked for many different clients and families, Nicholas understands how unique each person, each family and each situation is, how complex the family dynamics can be and how to manage the family dynamics.

Nicholas’s main missions are to:

  1. Guide families through the emotionally challenging phases of estate administration while mitigating the potential for conflicts. Nicholas can help you separate financial considerations from emotional ones and continuously works to listen to and understand your unique needs and concerns.
  2. Help families and family offices, in Canada and internationally, with appropriate options for their wealth

Fluent in both French and English, Nicholas offers bilingual service to cater to a diverse clientele.